Thought for The Day

Fix. Change. Direct.

We can’t fix our addiction but we can heal ourselves in many ways – heal our view of ourselves and how we treat ourselves. We can also try to heal the relationships we have damaged – this is the nearest we can get to fixed.

We can change. We can change how we view alcohol and our relationship with it, the situations we walk into and how we respond to them, the way we respond to temptation, the way in which we articulate what we want and need to get through this.

We can direct our lives. We can grab the wheel and stop the swerve. We can delete from our lives that which does not serve us and what we want to achieve – the toxic relationships and behaviours.

My challenge for you today is take something in your life, anything, that needs or is worthy of fixing, changing or directing.

Fix it. Change it. Direct it.

When we take hold of the reigns we generate a sense of power – a sense of control – and that in and of itself is a catalyst for change.

Be the change you want in your life.

From If something’s not working for you, fix it, change it, direct it.

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