Top Ten Random Tips on having a Great Alcohol-Free Weekend

10, Raise the “barrier” to drinking. Don’t keep alcohol at home. Don’t carry enough cash to buy booze.

9. Don’t skip meals. Eating healthy 3-4 times a day reduces alcohol cravings.

8. Act like you are in charge. Don’t think or talk like a victim, someone who can’t stop drinking. Actually, alcohol is powerless – unless you lift the glass, it can do nothing.

7. If you slip, get up again. The only real failure is not getting up again. Don’t give yourself “permission” to slip up, but understand that slips are normal, and that they can be overcome.

6. Exercise. Exercise improves your mood, attitude, and self image as well as your body, and reduces urges to drink.

5. Keep a mental list of the heartache and sadness drinking has caused in your life. Not to beat yourself with, but to motivate you to keep moving forward.

4. Hold down the amount of sugar you eat. Sugar cravings often lead to alcohol cravings.

3. Drink water. It’s really good folks!

2. Count your blessings. Life’s a blast, if only you know it.

1. Let the better you come out. Every human being is unique and wonderful. Alcohol keeps us, and others, from the joy of knowing the real, whole us.

Best wishes to all for a great AF weekend.

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This “Top Ten Reasons Post” was shared to the Boozemusings Community by @Ira from HSM. Thank you Ira for helping me smile through my first sober year. A little bit of humor is always a great idea !

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