Before sobriety I was just Doing.
Not Being. 
Now I’m being.

And I’m being while I do too. 

I don’t have less to do.
But I have more time.
More awareness.

I am alert enough to pick up on the little lovely moments. 
And each day is littered with those lovely moments.
It was before but I wasn’t present enough to feel them. 

It’s 10am.
I have already had 4.5 hours of Being.
Caring for myself, caring for my garden, doing chores, playing Lego with my son, looking through his school books from the year and showering him with praise….

This time 2 months ago I would be reluctantly getting dressed, filled with guilt, self loathing and anxiety.
Feeling unable to gain control of the massive overwhelming list of things to do.
Overwhelmed by my problems.
Wishing for Everything to just Stop!!! 

Ahhhhh sobriety, I love you. Xxxx

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