Family Legacy

When did the party cease to be?
Fun times,
friends with me 

There came a time 
I crossed a line 
That line
that was to change my life
A life that was sad
when I care to admit 
A child so scared who didn’t fit 
Family secrets never told 
Parents slowly growing old 

A mother torn
and broken inside 
The loss of a child
that she chose to hide 
From a generation
who wouldn’t see
How real a bond
to a child can be
She chose to drown
those sorrows deep 
It left me sad,
quick to weep 

She never saw the pain or hurt 
I moved away,
my life to live
But genes,
I fear do stay with me 
I drowned my sorrows
as she had done
It started well and often fun
She died sadly in her 70th year 
It took a lot to shed a tear 
There was a certain
amount of relief 
That helped me battle
this mounting grief

The devils water flowed my way 
He’d lured me in,
I was here to play 
But the game soon became
a losing one 
My tangled web
was tightly spun 

I’d crossed the line 
I knew it well,
stumbling under
the poison spell
No stopping at 1, 2 or 3
My secret stash topped up in time 
Deceiving those who drank with me

I’m not the terrified
little girl no more 
I’m living now,
I’m free for sure 
I’m living my life
as I know I should 

Chains are broken
and I’m over that line 
Of shame and grief
of family time 

They’d be proud
of the girl they left behind 
She proved herself ,
she stood her ground 
It’s freedom now
that drowns her mind

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