Care to Party Sober?

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Does alcohol steal your fun?
Or leave you with the excitement
of a night just begun? 
At the end of the night, 
Did you witness a fight?
When you went “out out”,
Did you hear people shout? 
Did you have fun?

Or try this one:
When you had drunk too much 
And someone tried to touch,
you inappropriately 
And you lost your phone and house key
Was that a memory you’ll remember fondly?
Will you remember it at all or recall it wrongly?

Courtesy of the alcohol “fun” catalyst,
What memories are on your list 
That you’d rather forget ?
Or that maybe haven’t happened yet?

how about the friend you’re with, 
whose sole aim of the night
was to get wasted
They probably never even tasted
The bad quality wine,
had way too many drinks, 
Now you’re holding her hair back
as she spews in the sink,
Was that a fun time,
or far too much wine?

What about the next morning,
When you start yawning,
Then reality hits,
And you feel utterly shit
You don’t know how you got home, 
You hope you’re alone,
You need a cup of tea quick, 
Or you just know you’ll be sick,
Downing tea and toast is the most 
You can hope for today,
It just is that way

You feel a mess,
You can’t even get dressed, 
But you have a work day
or kids in your way who want to play,
They don’t hear you silently say
“but I’m not ok, I need to run (away!)””

was it really a night of fun
and laughter too?
Did you feel a happy authentic “you”
Or are you wanting to trial 
Partying sober a while? 
To forgo the potential end of the evening,  
When nausea might creep in 
And leave you with your head in the toilet bowl, 
Whilst your stomach heaves and rolls
I know what I much prefer to do
What about you?
Partying sober can be done 
And that can be real, authentic fun 

Sobriety is the Best Kept Secret !

If you’re “sober curious” …

If you are drinking too much too often and want to take a break…

Talk to us…

F Friday doesn’t have to be a fright
R Really you can have a good night
I In or if you go out, you don’t have to
D Drink alcohol to enjoy yourself
A And you could always drive home if
Y You choose alcohol free

N Now that sounds smart and
I In fact that’s cheaper than a taxi too
G Going to have a night that’s sober &
H Healthy &
T That’s just a bit more me, I can

S Still have fun, dance and be silly

A And I’ll do it all without
F Falling flat on my a$$

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