Don’t Stay Down in the Muck

Immersed deep in the booze,
down in the muck,
You know what?
you’re not really stuck!

If you decide
it’s easier to stay there,
one day,
you could be “rescued”
and taken away,
In a black car
that’s larger than most, 
To a place
where the undertaker plays host,
Where people would come to visit,
Saying it’s such a shame isn’t it

But if you choose to fight
to get out of the muck, 
Away from the Wine Witch
who makes you think
that you’re stuck,
Who cares if you’re ashamed
or you’ve lost face?
At least you’re free
and not in the race,
To end up in a wooden case

Your life you can hopefully rebuild, 
With the help of newly sober skills 
And friends and family
will slowly come to see,
All the effort it’s taking for thee, 
To get to a place in life
where you feel finally free, 
Where you were originally
meant to be,
On the right side of the grass,
not 6 feet under, 
Living a life you chose not to plunder
But to instead appreciate
and enjoy it’s wonder!

Lotus Flower

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