A beautifully refreshing
thirst-quenching drink 
It won’t dehydrate 
Make me stay up too late
Unable to sleep 
Consuming it won’t mean secrets
I suddenly can’t keep 
It won’t give me a headache 
Or continue to take 
Much more than it gives 
Hmmmm I actually need this 
I don’t need wine to live 
What is this wonderful
healthy drink 
Well you can get it !
From the tap on your kitchen sink!

Just busy fighting wine o clock at the moment!

W Why choose 
A Alcohol which is a
T Toxin that
E Exaggerates negative emotions &
R Responses

I Is it really a good idea or a form of
S Self care to

L Love something that could lead to
I Illness and
F Fear which is
E Exactly what we don’t want?

N No need to imbibe alcohol to enjoy 
O Our lives and 
T Today I will choose 

W Water instead which 
I Is 
N Necessary and provides natural 
E Exuberance and energy 



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This poem was composed by Floss

The author of

A Poetic Homage to Kristi and Forever Alcohol-Free?

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