Back to School – ANXIETY !

It’s 8 am
and so again 
I don’t feel so cool
Or fun
Just a constantly
worrying mum!

Soon my eldest
Starts secondary school  
He’s upstairs busy 
In his room 

But I know he’s scared
From problems he’s shared
The ones he’s told me about recently 
(Sigh) Oh he feels like this so frequently

To help him
I need to think 
Not drink 
Help him to find a positive way
To aid him in feeling good
about his first day

So when he starts Y7
And my anxiety shoots 
Through the bloody roof
I won’t turn to vodka at 80 proof
I won’t seek solace in alcohol “heaven”
Because it’s actually hell
I know this too well 

I’ve seen what it can do
I know you have too

Better to remove alcohol
from the equation 
So I can deal
with most situations 
Won’t take something that weakens my resolve 
My mind
‘Cos I have problems to solve 
Need to be strong, patient and above all

can you give me all that?
That’s what I thought 
So to you I’ll say
“Do widzenia” & that’s that!

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