Take a Bow

I was often the clown 
Making them laugh 
One for the road 
One more half. 
It was never just one
It ended in tears 
No idea how he put up with me all those years 
He dreaded our nights out 
I didn’t know at the time 
What would she do tonight 
Would it end in a fight ?
The best thing I did was put the glass down 
It’s genuine fun now and I’m still the clown 
I make people laugh 
I love a good craic 
This is authentic fun 
I’m not going back 
To the mask that I wore 
To cover the cracks 
My life was a bore 
But now I can act 
To the stage I was called 
A hobby, a gift to myself after all 
So life can be fun without beer, without wine 
A life without booze is working out fine

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