Parenting without the wine

I’ve found I don’t need wine to get through the stress of parenting. I thought I did actually for a long time. I thought I needed it to unwind and to reward myself for dealing with the challenges of an often fraught day looking after demanding children. 

I’d sink into the sofa and watch a film with a bottle of wine by my side and just chill. I thought it was exactly what was required. 

I was wanting to do my nightly routine a bit too often though so I decided to take a break from the booze. 

I still sank into the sofa that night I stopped boozing. I relaxed with netflix and chilled but this time I did it with ice cold sparkling water in a wine glass. I felt calm and happier knowing that if my children needed me I could be there in a flash as I wouldn’t be a bit merry, woozy or lets face it drunk from wine.

It was kind of a new found freedom because I didn’t have to watch how much I drank when I had sparkling water and bonus I enjoyed the film more as I could follow the plot better. I could remember it the next day too.

Talking of which it is a beautiful thing going to bed just knowing there is no hangover on the horizon. It’s like a little gift to yourself. Sobriety is actually for me the added ingredient to my life that peps me up and virtually guarantees I’ll wake up rested and refreshed. It’s so amazing as I get to sleep through the night now. My sleep was a bit hit and miss before when I drank wine in the evening. 

Personally I know I’m a better mum sober too, I can answer those frequent questions from my children and give them solid advice as I know I’m being my best self for them. I’m so much more patient than I ever thought I could be. It’s a bit of a revelation. I can referee spats more efficiently and teach my children conflict resolution as I go. It doesn’t always work lol! I used to just be nursing a hangover or be feeling really fed up and tired at times like that. Not anymore though, it’s a bit like having different modes and my mind is set to it’s best one by being sober. 

Sometimes I get the usual FOMO but it doesn’t last long when I think of all the benefits of being sober.

You know I think sobriety really is a well kept secret.

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