Watching the Witch

Would moderate drinking
affect my thinking ?
Affect my life
in a way that’s adverse?
but wouldn’t it be better
not worse 
Than regular binge drinking?

I know what you’re thinking 
And I reckon you’re right 
That even a little,
even a slight 
bit of alcohol 
Isn’t really alright 

It’s a drug after all 
It could eventually
cause me to fall 

It could open the door 
For the Wine Witch to eagerly welcome me back
Her with a sneaky new plan of attack

To flatter me then seek to silence 
My dreams and
Muffle my screams 
My gasps to reach the surface for air 

She wouldn’t care

I don’t think moderation is for me
I don’t want a drug 
That’s a vicious thug
And a bully
Instead I want to live my life
Freely and fully 


This poem about the Wine Witch was composed by Floss The author of Autism, Alcohol and Me 

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