Bringing up kids 
Who’d have thought 
The worry and tears
The fears it brought 

Terrible twos they said
are simply the worst 
But the teenage years 
Have made me burst 

With worry and dread 
Why isn’t he in his bed 
What can I do ? 
It’s half past two . 

All these milestones 
They have to pass
But that first day at big school
will always surpass 

The dread and the fear
as I put him on the bus . 

Shirt and tie 
I can’t lie 
I was the proudest mum 
Not knowing what was to come 

The angst & the tears 
Over the years
Staring at phones 
Comparing their lives 
Not belief in themselves 
Not willing to delve . 

Now a few years older 

I pray there’s no 
Long lasting effect 
Of a childhood wrecked 
From mums constant drinking 

What was she thinking ? 
Hoping she stopped in time 
Leaving no trace behind 

They scrubbed up ok 
Now the booze has gone away

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