Top Ten Silly things People do Stone Sober

A list to provide a little perspective for those of us who have done silly things when we were drunk:

10. Push elevator buttons that are already lit.

9. Speed up to keep another car from passing.

8. Still think that the 80’s were just a few years ago.

7. Spell out Wednesday like Wed-nes-day when writing it.

6. Have the room cooler at night, to put more covers on.

5. Count down the seconds on the microwave and hit the open button juuust before the alarm goes off.

4. Rub the smart phone screen to make all the smudges go in the same direction.

3. Care more about what TV show is on during dinner than about what is for dinner.

2. Have imaginary arguments, always winning.

1. Wear blouses that button in the back.

If you are drinking too much too often and want to take a break…

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