Socialising Sober – Poetic Observations

When I decide
to get dressed up
and go on a night out socialising 
I know I could do with realising 
If and when I have the urge to drink 
I should probably pause and think 


And hope I can take a shovel along
from my garden or backyard 

I just might need it to dig myself out
Of the hole I could end up in
On a night I probably wouldn’t win

When I might drink till I forget to eat, 
Or sit down 
And miss my seat 
that’s something in the past I’ve done 
And more embarrassingly
It was more than once

And on this latest occasion 
Much to my drunken indignation 
The evening had only just begun 
Oh what fun!

I ended up in an an unsightly mess
Embarrassed in defeat
Rose wine splattered dress!
Too red faced to eat!
Yep my friend’s remember that one!

The worse for me 
Was the mess I would be 
Never wanting to leave
Just one more 
He agreed 
But one more led to grief

I was stuck in the belief
That he didn’t like me 
Why couldn’t he be like the others 
I wasn’t his mother 
I wanted more affection
I was getting the wrong reaction 

Was it hardly a surprise? 
Those blood shot eyes 
I was a bloody mess 
I’d have to confess 

But the worst shame of all 
Not easy to say 
Despite all the rants 
I’d lost all control 
How did I get in this hole ? 
I’d pissed my pants 
More than once I should add 
The shame & the guilt 
Back then…
it was bad 🙁


On a night out sober now 
I feel I’ve changed for the better 
And how!
My friends don’t know
the new improved me
“I’ve put back my pieces differently”

I can still be silly and still have fun 
Just I’m no longer a loose cannon 
They don’t have to look after me
I’m no longer a liability !

I’m free 😀💖

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