Embrace The Mess of Life?

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Sober curious? How do you embrace the mess of life… sober? Without the wine crutch at the end of the day? Without that dis-connect that we call “adult-play” ? Alcohol-Free? Could that be me?

Life is messy
It’s not all clean
Like a glossy magazine

I’ve seen how untidy things can be
I can’t control everything
And it’s not just me
It’s everybody!

From surface rubbish to mind full of crap
Can’t constantly control all of that
It is what it is
That sentence though scary
Makes me feel a bit free
Lifts the weight of my responsibility
In my family

I’ll do my best
Every single day
And that just has to be ok

Can’t keep on spinning 100 plates
They’ll drop
Or I’ll stop
Hide away
Drink wine
Pretend I’m fine

I need to stop in my quest
Of expecting perfection
Not see things when they go slightly wrong
As a disaster
Or a rejection

My house is a mess, my family and me
Far more than it is tidy you see
Now I’m more present and alcohol free
I’m no longer that person
Who, until quite recently
Could not see the wood for the trees

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This poem was composed by Floss The author of  Is Sober Boring and Alcohol use is a Spectrum

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