I Want to Be Like Her

Beautiful woman with flowers

I want to be like her
She looks so happy,
So self assured
In her world there’s not a care
It’s unfair
It seems to me

She’s gazing dreamily out the window
Like she has a perfect life
A perfect family

I’m envious
Why isn’t that us?

It’s so damn hard sometimes
Pretending to be fine
Must be strong
Stop crying

But why?
We’re not robots
If we numb everything with drink
Our children won’t know we feel even a little
Never mind alot

That woman with the perfect life
The perfect mum and the perfect wife
I’m sure she’ll have her crosses to bear
Just that she might not want to share

No-one gets through life unscathed
I guess what makes the difference though
Is how we respond and behave x

This poem was composed by Floss The author of  Is Sober Boring and Alcohol use is a Spectrum

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