Reframe It

You know what I need to learn to do
Is to sit with the difficult feelings
Loss, grief, frustration, anger, sadness you name it
I need to learn to sit with it all
And reframe it,
Not fall

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of emotions
So hard to come back up for air
So we’d rather hide from them
But, I swear
Feelings don’t stay the same
After a while they change
It’s in their nature to be transient like clouds
They constantly transform and move around

One minute you feel up, the next you could be down
But we don’t stay stuck on the ground
However we perceive it
We can believe that
Our feelings don’t stay static, not really
That difficult feeling
I find
We need to process and be aware of it
Not hide it in the attic of our mind

Trying to lock it in a darkened room and tell it goodbye
Using alcohol as our ally
That’ll never work
Those locked in demons just go berserk
I think alcohol is really their friend
Neither have your best interests at heart
In the end

But, by choosing to drink in sobriety
Instead of a toxic potion
We can learn to master tricky emotions
So even after a difficult day
We won’t need to hide or lock them away
And in the bright and sober light of day
After those feelings have rearranged
They could be a bit smaller anyway

I think drinking amplifies the negatives
And impacts the positives
Making them fade into the background
Sobriety, it seems to me,
Helps us to use fresh eyes
And realise
That there are lots of positives still around
Perhaps staying sober enables these
More easily to be found 💎

This poem was composed by Floss The author of  The Runaway Train  and Nailing the Narcissist

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