Dancing with the Devil

Beware the Narcissist

Be careful if you dance with the alcohol devil
Diablo, Lucifer, whatever his name
He’s a charmer who promises to dull your pain
(It will only increase it)

Drunken Depression

He’ll make you feel the only one in the room
Showering you with feelings of false bliss
Hiding the gloom
(It will become visible soon)

persons dancing with the alcohol devil

The reality he offers he won’t want you to see
Until he’s good and ready
He will just say “Hey turn to me”
“I’ll be the one to help you
Give you the strength to carry on”
(What he says is wrong, it’s the opposite)

alcohol devil figure

When more and more alcohol “comfort” you start to seek
And he sees you’re weak
The dance is nearly over
He’s all but won

Tempting as it is to go
To dance with him into the night
Now that I know
I’ll have to say no!!!!

No drug sweeter than my sobriety

If you are drinking too much too often Rethink the Drink .

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Open a Book, open a browser, open your mind. The keys are out there.

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