Resonating Harmoniously at 6 Months Alcohol-Free

Resonating Harmoniously at 6 Months Alcohol-Free

Day 182 Alcohol-Free! It’s almost 6 months since I went through the portal. Truly I am never going back to drinking. I have traded a brief high that costs far too much from my whole life, for a state of feeling consistently good, full of energy and creativity. It is no contest and I feel zero attraction to the junk.

As always I am surrounded by alcohol. We all are! But even this weekend, fixing the perfect wheat beer in a frosty glass with an orange slice for my boyfriend, something I used to relish consuming and something he gushes over with verbal praise, I was like meh, just something I used to do.

Yogis control their thoughts words and actions… ideally. We practice. But thoughts are extremely powerful and they lead to words and actions. I think that is why sobriety has worked so well for me. I changed my mind, not just deleting the act of drinking but truly taking charge with the right thoughts.

I had a great list of things to look forward to thanks to Boozemusings, the Boom Community, and this terrific post, Guide to your First Month of Sobriety: Why and How to Quit. It all came true and more.

I know cravings are like a dialogue with that devil on your shoulder who whispers temptation. But you own and write those thoughts and you take control of the story.

One of the first things that happened when I became alcohol-free was an eager release of all the mental talk around drinking:

The waking up regretful.
The half promises to self.
The “how many tonight?”
The when and where.
The counting the workday hours through the brain fog
till the next drink.

I threw out every last piece of mental furniture stained with the lies alcohol told about my life. Not feeding the imagined need to drink began a wonderful transformation where finally everything in me could align. I’ve become my authentic self. No more fractured bits, lies and cover up’s, no more shame and messy internal dialogue.

It’s like there has been a unification of myself. It’s as if all the scattered and contradictory parts of me can now overlay into one great shape. Alcohol-free I can finally resonate as a harmonized being.

This is priceless.

Fascinating even.

The human potential is truly great and we need to be attracted to our own possibilities. Alcohol keeps us from experiencing our potential.

But once you taste it… once you taste your possibilities… once you taste your potential…
Look out!

Wishing you great fireworks of joy on your way back home to yourself.

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Resonating Harmoniously at 6 Months Alcohol-Free

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