Ingredients For An Alcohol-Free Life

Ingredients for an alcohol-free life

Remember to add
all the ingredients on your shelf,
To live a life with a lot more wealth 
Not more money I necessarily mean,
Though Alcohol-Free,
that’s a benefit that’s often seen.

You are the cake maker,
you are the chef,
So let’s try and avoid an early death.

Add things like fun and lots of self care,
Of chemical rubbish we need to beware,
And choose only quality fare.

Some ingredients might not
be in your grasp as yet, 
But you can still bake well
and get your feet wet.
Add large dollops of fun and laughter
And check the mixture a minute after 
There should be a brilliant change in presentation,
As your emotions rearrange, 
Into a more relaxed situation 

Remember, as into your alcohol-free life you venture,
To regularly check the temperature, 
Of the oven your cake is in
And then you can win
If you start to get upset or frown, 
Turn the heat down 
If when we need to readjust we learn,
We can keep the cake from getting burnt,
Or at least not burned beyond recognition,
That would be an unpalatable position 

Sometimes the cake ingredients don’t quite mix,
But don’t let it start to nix,
Your effort and attitude, 
Just change the recipe slightly, 
Vary the ingredients you use,
That are in your control 
And you’ll be on a roll

When you have a cake
that tastes this lovely,
you’ll not want to waste a bite of it
by adding chemical memory loss shit
You’ll want to make the most of it,
Enjoying each day
And the cake you made your way

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This poem was composed by Floss The author of  The Runaway Train  and Nailing the Narcissist

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