Are You Drinking Too Much? Try Something New Today

Is now the time
To stop with the wine?

The occasion will never
be just right

I think today could be the day
To say ok
To open my arms to sobriety


To stop wishing for it
Start working towards it
After all isn’t it worth it?

You Matter!

Stay Sober! 🙂

1716 Do You Know What That Number is?
Nope, not how many days I have been sober (I Wish!)  

Day 20 sober for me!

1716 is how many members belong to this community. This intimate, supportive, internet community that I joined just three weeks ago and now visit every day. 1716 members and each one represents someone who is searching for answers. Some are in pain, some are well on there way in their sober journey. All are here because even though part of their mind doesn’t want to look at what alcohol is doing or has done to their lives, there is another part begging for someone or something to awaken (or stay awakened) within them, the fact that life without alcohol can be beautiful. What is the BOOM Community

Wherever you are in this equation, the fact that YOU ARE HERE MATTERS!

If you are struggling to cut down

If you are in the beginning stages of sobriety

If you were sober and have dived back into drinking

If you have struggled and had numerous starts and stops with alcohol

If you have many months and years of sobriety under your belt. 


We matter because we never know how our journey will inspire another.

If you are totally in despair please reach out.

Can you stop drinking? Can you stay sober? It can be done and it can be the best thing that you will ever do for yourself. 

You will not only help yourself by putting down in words what you are feeling, but you will also receive support from people who have been where you are and it will strengthen their resolve by reminding themselves of what they have learned.

You Being Here Matters! If you are new to being sober, reach out and tell your story. Someone will take your hand and say “Me Too!” I’ve been there and I’m not perfect either. We can do this! If you have been sober for a while and fell off the wagon. Don’t hide, people here will welcome you with open arms and tell you how brave you are for sharing that part of your journey. You Being Here Matters! If you have stayed sober and are here to pay it forward with words of wisdom, hope, and empathy. You Have No Idea of How You Being Here Matters! 

There are 1716 of us, from around the world, who took a moment to sign up here. Many people share but there are many more, who may not feel that their story matters. It matters so very much, for you and for all the others here. This is a safe place for all of us, please reach out, YOU MATTER. 

If you’re drinking too much too often Talk to Us
We are a Private, Anonymous community forum

Alcohol is the only drug that people will question you for not using .

Rethink the Drink

You Matter!

You can read more about us Here And join  Here

Download the Mighty Networks app here for free easy access and search BOOM Rethink the Drink– community support 24-7 or sign up and sign in here

How Posting in the BOOM Community can help you Rethink the Drink

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