Just Say NO…

Just don’t.

It’s as simple as that – say no to alcohol

Nothing to it really.

It all boils down to that single act. Don’t do it. Particularly when you know you shouldn’t or really don’t want to. The problem is, that we face the Nike advertising syndrome;


In today’s marketing world it is all about convincing the general public to give in. Not specifically to alcohol but to everything. We are bombarded with objects of desire that we need, can’t live without, must have to be complete and so easy to attain.

All we have to do is…

Say yes!

Think about how often you hear or read the word NO in an ad.

Or the word DON’T.

Think about the context when you do.

We are not encouraged to be strong and thoughtful. We are discouraged to think freely. We are told what we need and convinced why we need it. To be thinner, more popular, more sexy, more potent, more desirable, up to date, you name it. We are considered inferior or lamentable if we don’t own or use their products. We are lesser people. Individuality is unacceptable. We suffer societal guilt if we do not participate.

All this makes the word “No” difficult to utter. Makes the thought “I won’t” hard to believe and commit to. Creates doubt in the concept of “Don’t”.

I find that unacceptable and will rebel.

Today I will say to myself “Don’t drink today”.

I will say “No” to the urgings of marketing and unthinking social pressure.

I “Won’t” drink today.

Will you join me?

This post is by Rob Morton , the self published author of Stuff I Wrote and a member of BOOM the anonymous, private community inside Boozemusings .

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