Here’s to Sober Saturday!

happy sober sun

Hey, happy sober Saturday!

No headache today
A cat on my chest
His paws swiping my chin
A good way to begin

My child upset
his headphones are broken
They’re were only bought yesterday
But soft words are spoken

It’s alright try these I say
Handing him mine
You can keep them it’s fine
I’ll get some more

Ah mum I thought you’d be mad
for sure…

No it’s ok babe I reply

And he smiles

Here’s to Sober Saturday!

With no hangover today
I have easily taken his cares away
Hope my good mood will stay.

My other son is having fun
Shouting on his xbox to his friends
I’m wearing ear plugs
It’s a means to an end
He’s enjoying his way
of socialising

I’m sort of relaxing
Got lots of plans
To work on what I can
To make sure I include
time for me
And some sober treats

Here’s to sober Saturday !
And to not letting your day get away
Enjoy all the beautiful moments
Who needs alcohol anyway?
It’s a mind trick
We weren’t born that way
Let’s reject that comatose net
It won’t help you be your best self
And that is what you should run after and get
You’re so worth it I bet!

This poem was composed by Floss The author of The Runaway Train  

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