How do You Stick to Sober?

Question on Sticky Note How do you Stick to Sober?

Stick to Sober – How on earth?

How on earth do you make it stick?
When of being sober you’re almost sick!
How do you make your new lifestyle fit?

Is this really it?
Never again?

How do you stick to sober?

But what if it rains?
If you do badly at work?
Or a competition
you don’t win?
I mean
What if the sky falls in?

Wouldn’t we be justified in drinking then?

Sick of being
on this merry go round!
I’m trying
But there’s problems that surround
Willing me to drink I think…

How on earth do you lose the desire
The hungry fire?

It’s alcohol-free wine and sheer willpower
Minute by minute
Hour by hour….

I want to quash all the emptiness
Swap it for just feeling… less…

I’ll settle for watching a comedy
Just a blanket and me
Hope the movie will make me grin
And distract me from the mood I’m in
Shit, it mentioned booze again!
Oh well I’ve set my stall out
No wine tonight
On with the fight
That’s how you stick to sober!

Ok no more bullshit
This is it
My life
My strife
Quite alot of it
Is down to me
And where I want to be
Could give in today
So easily
Until things go my way
They aren’t yet
But hey
Going to fight more instead
Drag my a$$ out of bed
Listen to what I told myself
To what I previously said
Excuses are useless
No more bullshit
That’s it
You want it enough
So fight for it
There’s no easy way
Stop looking for it
You wanna win?
The secret to all this
Is just to put the effort in!
No half measures
If you want
What you’ll treasure
Just a question now of whether ?
Is it worth the effort
If so
Just get on with it
If I said it was easy
I’d be lying
It’s impossible to fail
If you don’t give up trying

This poem was composed by Floss The author of  The Runaway Train   and many more poems that have helped her stick to sober one expressed rather than swallowed word at a time

If you’re “sober curious” … If you are drinking too much too often and want to stop or take a break…or if you have stopped drinking and are trying to stick to sober! Talk to Us. 

We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It helps to have a community behind you in a world where alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using

You can read more about us Here And join  Here

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