Alcohol Kills

A Sobering Realization-

I’ve learnt something recently
Alcohol is a drug
And it’s full of harmful stuff
It actually is!
How did I miss knowing this?

It’s a sobering realization really – Alcohol Kills

Not just 1 known carcinogen
But 15 other toxic compounds
That’s something
to get my head around

Carry on drinking
And I guess I’d better get used
to the ambulance sound

How can alcohol
be still allowed?
Well actively promoted I mean

My wine time is not benign – Alcohol Kills

When it’s the cause
of so many devastating scenes

Numerous broken lives
and dreams

It’s strange
That the way to celebrate
Should be to tempt fate

How can it be the honored guest at every party? – Alcohol Kills

Let’s try not to leave it too late
Or make the mistake
of waiting to see
Just how addicted
we could eventually be.

Because Alcohol Kills

Alcohol Related Deaths are up 100%

Let’s do something about it now!

Alcohol Kills Don't Panic Do Something About it

When alcohol no longer serves us

Why not serve ourselves sobriety?

Loving life Alcohol Free!

BOOM Rethink the Drink Alcohol Kills

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