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Tease Bakery Loving Lisboa Alcohol Free

YUM!!! Cupcakes
Cupcakes in Lisbon at Tease Sober Treat
Chocolate Cupcakes
Cupcakes at Tease Libsoa Sober Treats
And Red Velvet Cupcakes
Tease Lisboa Cupcakes sober treats

And the Queen of Cupcakes… Lemon Supreme

Cupcakes at Tease Lisboa Sober Treats

If you are in Lisboa and looking for a great place to hang out alcohol-free – if you’d like to while away a few hours with a friend or your journal, Tease Bakery, is well worth the trip. And…

Cupcakes of course are the perfect sober treat!

As Kristi Coulter says in her blog Off-Dry, staying sober does not mean that you have to be GOOD. Those of us who have been happily alcohol-free for years have learned that a little bit of decadence is essential now and then. Once you cut out the alcohol there is room for a few sexy treats.

.. think about cutting yourselves some slack. Have a cupcake if you want it. Buy two cupcakes and eat only the frosting parts of both of them, which is a thing I have heard some other people do…

From Off – Dry by Kristi Coulter Day 778: You Do Not Have to be Good

But if you are feeling saintly, or looking for a balance between savory and sweet, the menu at Tease Bakery is also full of healthy eats.

Tease Lisboa Healthy treats

Tease also has a tempting variety of healthy AF drinks.
Alcohol Free Lisboa Tease

Tease Bakery, is one of our favorite AF hangouts and we will be adding Meet-ups there soon in our new Loving Lisboa Alcohol-Free Group. Come join us for our first Meet up in March at Baia Dos Golfinos. You’ll find more information here. And we hope to see you soon at Tease!

Because now that you are alcohol-free.. you deserve a sober treat! – or Two


More thoughts on Sober Treats

You can find great sober treats and Healthy Eats at Tease here :

Rua da Quintinha 70-B, perto da Praça das Flores

Call 21 596 2773

And here is a link to their Trip Adviser Page

And if we aren’t there! You can find us online here

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