Move Away from the Cliff – Alcohol Lies

Feet Dangling over cliff- Move away from the edge- alcohol lies

Alcohol will push you
Gently at first
Almost imperceptibly
Towards that cliff
It’ll weaken you
Remove your resolve
Make you believe
your problems you can’t solve

It’s lying to you!

A little bit further
It’s anything but tame
Closer and closer
It’s the alcohol game
Drink a little bit more
As you hang your head in shame

It’s actually an elaborate illusion
Cashing in on your confusion
Your tired and upset brain
Your unresolved pain

Alcohol lies !

Back away from the cliff
You won’t survive the fall
Stop listening
to the alcohol
voice’s call

It’s using a loud speaker
It’s actually small
And a voice changer
So you don’t hear the danger

If you were to pull
the curtain back
You’d see
The voice is a petulant child really
Throwing a fit when you don’t give in
But you know better
And you CAN win!

Step away from the edge of the cliff

Alcohol lies
It’s a smiling assasin

Alcohol Related Deaths are up 100% in Twenty years

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This poem was composed by Floss The author of  The Runaway Train   and many more poems that have helped her stick to sober one expressed rather than swallowed word at a time

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Step Away from the Cliff- alcohol Lies

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