Showing the Wine Witch the Door

Showing the Wine Witch the Door

I want to be sober
I want to be free
I don’t love booze enough
To jeopardise it all really

The wine witch keeps calling
But leaves in a huff
I hear her muttering, falling

Rather her than me
Any day of the week
Ive found out something else
Sober treats make her melt

I mean it’s always the same
She just gathers her strength
Again and again
And her flying monkeys
Then aims them at me

But hopefully one day that wine witch’ll start weakening
Because of the peace I’m actively here seeking
I just need to keep on believing
And not give in to her or
I’ll never win my internal war

#Byedon’tforgetyourbroomsticksgain! 🧹 I’m showing the wine witch the door!

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This poem was composed by Floss The author of  The Runaway Train   and many more poems that have helped her stick to sober one expressed rather than swallowed word at a time

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