6 Activities to Keep You Sane During the COVID19 Lockdown

1. Watch the Italian Mayors gently encouraging their citizens to stay home

2. Indulge your nostalgia for simpler times when Toilet paper was Plentiful

Waiting in line, don’t matter what size

Hoping its there, the ultimate prize

A short time ago, it wasn’t this way

We grabbed what we needed and were on our way

Now it’s no game, there’s never enough

It’s something we need when we’re in the buff

We all had our favorites, but now we don’t care

As long as it’s soft, well Hell we don’t care!

I’m like Sherlock Holmes on a mysterious caper

Searching for the elusive role of Toilet Paper

3. Check Out the Messy Nessy Chic Cabinet of Curiosities for Hobbies at Home :

Not to brag, but I went all over the world today – before I’d even stopped for lunch! In these unprecedented times, when one of our greatest passions – travel – is taken away from us, it calls for a back-up plan. And that my fellow explorer, is armchair travelling. In addition to falling down the rabbit hole in our Don’t be a Tourist archives, I’d like to recommend one of my favourite rainy day pastimes. Google Street View is one of the internet’s most underrated resources…..

continued in link

I Visited 18 Countries Today, How about You?

4. Check out Google Arts and Culture, It is a great place to spend some of your self-isolation time. You can take virtual tours of hundreds of museums!  

5. Study Happiness with Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos at COURSERA – where you can audit college courses online from the best schools all over the world for free!

6. Challenge Yourself to Write a Funny Poem? Here is one on Cats ! meowwww


There are two black Panthers living in my house 🐾
Neither of them can catch a mouse (thankfully) 🐁🐀

The third cat saunters in majestically
Thinking “It’s ok”
They will open the door for me 🚪
1,000 times a day!!!!
And then of course
He’ll just huffily walk the other way

The panthers pouncing 😽😸
Loudly announcing
Meowing in my ear that they’re here
They don’t care that it’s 6am! ⏰
Any hour’s feeding time for them

If I sigh and go back to sleep or try
They come up to me with pleading eyes
So I sit up and realise who’s the boss really👀
I’ll give you a clue
It’s definitely not me! 🤣❤

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