Dealing With FOMO in Dry July

Black Bunny -- FOMO in Dry July

Are you suffering from FOMO or Fear of Missing Out while staying alcohol-free this month for Dry July? 

Play it forward.

When you think about it the alcohol-free options seem more appealing than the norm :

Get stressed
Hit fcuk it switch
Drink 1st glass of alcohol

Drink emoji - Play it forward to stay alcohol-free on Dayt 2 of Dry July 20202

Feel good for a few minutes
Feeling is wearing off
Have more booze

Drink emoji - Play it forward to stay alcohol-free on Dayt 2 of Dry July 20202

Feel ok then not
More booze

Drunk emoji - Play it forward to stay alcohol-free on Dayt 2 of Dry July 20202

Pass out on couch
Drag self to bed
Forget to clean teeth
Wake up 3am thirsty and anxious
Wake up 4 hrs later
Feel unrested, stressed, anxious
Get out of bed and have a banging head
Stagger downstairs for paracetamol and orange juice
Try to make tea and grab water to hydrate yourself

Man guzzling water - Play it forward to stay alcohol-free on Dayt 2 of Dry July 20202

Go back to bed
Waste the day feeling sick, headachey or just plain ill and off colour

Waste a day that you’ll never get back

Have to deal with all the anxiety and stress you tried to hide from last night
Along with more anxiety and stress as booze is a depressant 
Oh and increasingly shitty health


Do all of the above (2) and drink again the next day/ night, not to feel good anymore but so you stop feeling bad because now your body physically craves alcohol


When you think about what we actually get from alcohol the cost really does outweigh any benefit, doesn’t it?

Play the Tape Forward – Protect Your Quit

If you’re having FOMO this Dry July consider it this way. I like missing out on arguments, shitty decisions, regretful texts, poor sleep, wasted days, general body malaise, extra pounds from eating lots of junk just to feel physically better, broken friendships, lack of money, accidents, not being trusted, or being a liability.

I don’t know about you but I want to miss out on all that and I deserve to miss out on drinking because of all its shitty consequences.

Perhaps FOMO for me might be slowly becoming “Fun Of Missing Out” 

How about you?

I’m remembering I have my Dry July alcohol-free passport today!

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We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It helps to have a community behind you in a world where alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using

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