How Quitting Alcohol Changed Me

Today I am 11 months sober. That’s a big deal ! 11 months of change since I quit alcohol. I think I’m starting to get closer to that vision of myself I’ve had for so long, but was never able to maintain. I had many years of thinking I might have an issue with drinking and trying to control myself or quit for a week- maybe two if I was lucky. I’m glad sober is finally sticking and I can actually see the changes. I missed so much life when I thought I was living life to the fullest in party mode.

All in all- you have the choice to not drink. Society seems to pressure us to consume alcohol for everything big, small or mundane. What is it that makes many of us think that we have to abuse our bodies with substances to deal with life? How do you stop correlating drinking with celebration, sorrow, loss, accomplishment, escape, relaxation? You may have urges to drink today. The weather may be nice, it could be dreary, you could get bad news, good news, or something tragic might happen. Right now in this moment as you remember the past, experience the present, hope or dread the future, just remember the booze won’t make the good times, or the bad times, any better. Break away from the brainwashing from society that alcohol fixes everything and realize that alcohol really has negative implications.

Here are some changes I’ve observed since quitting alcohol 11 months ago: 

I have enough energy to wake up and do makeup, when those extra start of the day minutes used to be such a drag.

I’m more calm and level-headed in chaotic or stressful situations when it used to be overwhelming and I would hide in a booze coma.

My memory actually seems to remember things better! Random facts, new job info and new names come easier when I need them. 

Working out is becoming more regular, when it always felt impossible to find the energy before. 

Things that would send me into a tailspin before, don’t seem as eventful or derailing. I can keep working on my goal without letting it fall apart. 

I’m not crying as much and haven’t had an anxiety attack in months. 

I’ve actually stuck with my meal tracking/ calorie counting/ and working out for almost 2 straight months now; when I used to get derailed after a particularly indulgent period or would fudge my numbers. So I’m actually starting to lose some of that bloat and have more room in my pants! 

I really have no desire to go “party” and when I’m around drunk people they get annoying. I don’t like the smell of liquor breath. 

I have wayyyyy fewer migraines and am not losing days to paralyzing headaches. 

I’m also not wasting days praying to the porcelain god with a debilitating hangover when everyone else felt fine (or at least functional- they day after). I now know part of that is that I’m allergic to a compound in alcohol; but everyone always thought I just had a worse hangover because I drank more- maybe I did that too; who knows what I did when i was tipsy trying to ride the buzz wave. 

My skin is starting to look better in photos, I’m not sure if its the new creams I’m trying with that little bit of money I have because I didn’t buy booze (app says I’ve saved at least $2380 so far). Or if it’s not poisoning myself. But either way I’m down with less wrinkles. 

I’m frustrated that more establishments don’t have more non-soda NA drink options!

In 11 months since quitting drinking the changes in my life have been nothing but positive !

At least for me- my decisions and my feelings don’t get better with alcohol. It’s taken me too long to realize that alcohol made me tired, got me sick, made me cry, made bad memories emotional, and stole days upon days of productivity away from my life. It never let me let go of those feelings, I wallowed in them and how bad my life was. And when it got worse, I drank more! That’s how brainwashed we get. 

As it turns out, my body was always worn out trying to heal from the damage I was creating by poisoning myself all the time. Alcohol never let me have time to heal, get the energy, mental clarity and motivation to make changes. On the outside I was productive and professionally accomplished, but really I was stuck in a rut, a shadow of my self image for way too many years.

I finally got fed up with my boozy life. In that time I’ve had some events that were very monumental to me. Days where booze would previously have been a significant player in a memory, tribute, accomplishment or even a disappointment. Even so, I made the choice to not drink. I did something else- made lemonade, gardened, took the dog for a walk, scrubbed the grout, read, cooked, played a video game, called a friend, took a long shower, cried, refinished furniture, took a nap, organized the spice drawer, cleaned out the closet, earned a certificate, talked to a counselor, got a new Dr, watched a movie, got a new job, listened to the birds, danced to a favorite song, ate dessert… you know- anything but drink alcohol. Drinking really is just one small option out of so much out there. 

I’m not saying my life is always joyful and perfect, nowhere near. But I will say I have many more positive days in every week now that alcohol isn’t controlling my thoughts. Drinking was a compulsion- it would take over. No matter how many times my brain would say no –  my body would get the drink any way it could to try and “improve” the day. Alcohol never did what it promised – alcohol is full of deceitful lies. No matter how many times I let it try, it never fulfilled it’s end of the bargain. So I’m not letting it try anymore. I’m working on solidifying that shadow of myself and aligning that mental self-image with reality. Finally. 

Since quitting alcohol the biggest change in me is that alcohol isn’t controlling me anymore! I’m in charge!

Come join us in BOOM Rethink the Drink today and see how quitting drinking changes you!

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