An Invitation to Join Us for Dry January Support and Inspiration

Yesterday, while dropping off a Dry January inspiration post on social media, I stumbled over this bit of toxic messaging from America’s icon of domesticity Martha Stewart. To make sure it hit its target audience it was hashtagged #Dryjanuary.

It’s normal for late-night talk show hosts and early-morning news crews to joke about Dry January. It happens every year. The Today Show, the same one that brought us a daily dose of Kathy Lee and Hoda trivializing binge drinking for years

wants to make sure that you didn’t miss Martha’s message about what impossible and unnecessary torture it is to go without booze, although they cut the beginning and the end to sanitize the message a bit – Martha Stewart shares unique approach to ‘dry January’

Why is this funny? Don’t even get me started on the dire statistics that show the idiocy of an 81-year-old cultural icon selling her symbiotic relationship with vodka as elegant, and adorable. Yes, I know there is always that story about the woman who lived to be 110 and attributes it to drinking a whisky a day since the age of 15. But it is far more likely that if you are struggling to make it through the first few days of Dry January, your relationship with alcohol is one that is weighing heavily on you.

This article came from the same NBC that promotes binge drinking as so light-hearted and funny Alcohol deaths spiked among middle-aged adults, especially women, during pandemic: Drinking too much has been increasingly killing Americans for nearly two decades. The pandemic accelerated those deaths.

Anyone who commits to doing a Dry January is trying to change their life for the better, They deserve to feel good about the effort that they are putting into not drinking this month. They do not deserve to have their effort ridiculed by the same people in the media who profit from telling the dramatic story of people whose lives are destroyed by drinking too much alcohol.

People trying to do January dry deserve RESPECT, not ridicule, They deserve support.

If you were using the #dryjanuary hashtag on Twitter or Facebook because you were hoping to find support and inspiration to stay dry but stumbled over Martha’s vodka tutorial instead, if you have not made it through the first few days of Dry January and are feeling demoralized, or if you are just looking for a supportive place to hang out and celebrate the positive things about living alcohol-free come to check us out.

Here are some thoughts on how to live alcohol-free with style from members of our community who, unlike Martha, are not selling a product. Just people helping people to get free and stay that way. Even if just for a month to start the year off a bit healthier.

Tips and Tools for Dry January and Beyond

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An Open Letter to my Drinking Colleagues, With Love


One-month sober challenges have become a great focus for people who want to step out of the cage of gray-area drinking and try life alcohol-free.

In our BOOM Rethink the Drink Community we host a month-long alcohol-free inspiration challenge 12 times a year! Come check us out

Don’t let the shame of the stigma keep you from saying

“I think I have a problem with drinking

7 responses to “An Invitation to Join Us for Dry January Support and Inspiration”

  1. Well said. Dry January is often the stepping stone for people to rethink their relationship with alcohol. Sometimes leading to living a better alcohol free life free from addiction and misery, or at least giving their body a break from the toxins. I’m surprised Martha Stewart didn’t use the vodka as hand sanitiser, but that would have been too realistic wouldn’t it, and wouldn’t have sold the product well if people made that association.

  2. This is ridiculous! She’s pathetic…always out to make a buck. Sadly, a cultural meme that keeps people enslaved. Happy Dry January, BB. 🌟💛

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