Why I’m Loving Life Sober – A Dry January Inspiration Post

Discover the Taste of Serenity - tea post- Dry January 2021 Inspiration

52 reasons I’m loving life sober with 11 posts to inspire your Dry January:

1. Alcohol-Free I’m Healthier!
2. Sober I’m wealthier
3. No more drunk texting !related reading Ditching the Shame When You Go Sober
4. Sober I’m able to drive at any time of day or night
5. No more hangovers !

Waking up sober ?

Warm feet
Soft quilt
Hot cup of tea
Zero guilt
No harsh words uttered
Or feelings spilt
Why I'm Loving Life Sober - A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Poem

6. I am loving life sober because stress is more manageable when I start my day freshrelated reading How to Override your Lizard Brain
7. I’m more productive at work
8. When I sit forward on a chair I’m way less likely to fall of it in front of everyone
9. Zero alcohol means less anxiety related reading Alcohol and Anxiety
10. Sober I’m less likely to give away all mine and my friends money that we need to get home to a homeless person ( although i forgot about it and when my friend reminded me months later about it I was rather proud of that one actually)
11. So I’d still give money to a homeless person sober but I’d save some for the taxi home and only give away my money not my friends cash

Waking up sober and serene

No nightmare dream
Or crazy scene
Just a clear mind
Innocent (mostly 😉)
New and fresh
Like a sparkling stream
Why I'm Loving Life Sober - A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Poem

12. I am loving life sober because I sleep better related reading Sleep Solutions- How to Get a Good Night Sleep When You Stop Drinking
13. I can remember online purchases
14. I can choose not to make said online purchases
15. Sober I maintain clear boundaries easily
16. Better relationships with family
17. Better relationships with friends
18. Less rows … period! related reading Anger Managment in Early Sobriety – Facing Your Feelings Alcohol Free

Waking with a Smile – Alcohol Free!

Plans for the day
No need to hide away
That overall feeling
Things will be okay
Why I'm Loving Life Sober - A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Poem

19. I’m less likely to hoover up all the food in the cupboards in sudden attack of the munchies
20. Sober I learn better self carerelated reading Learning Self-Care in Early Sobriety
21. I am loving life sober because I’m embracing my inner child
22. I’m enjoying less broken sleep
23. Not drinking means no raging thirst in the middle of the night
24. I’m loving life sober because my mouth doesn’t feel like a desert where a camel took a dump anymore
25. Sober I can look at my kids embarrassment free every single day during Dry January while they are once again at home for the Covid lockdown.
26. Unless I intentionally embarrassed them to wind them up – haha – in which case I can remember it !

Sober and Serene – a feeling of SOBRENITY

No dark clouds
Lurking around
Just possibilities
Can you hear the sounds?
Why I'm Loving Life Sober - A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Poem

27. Alcohol-free I have a better complexionrelated reading How Drinking Too Much Alcohol Affects Your Looks
28. Brighter eyes
29. Firmer skin
30. Weight loss
31. Happier insides
32. Less cravings
33. More manageable cravings

It’s all about finally feeling the good feelings and noticing the little things

More positive feeling
A little healing?
More actually being
And really seeing
Why I'm Loving Life Sober - A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Poem

34. I’m loving life sober because of my sparkly waterfall clear mind – especially in the morning! – related reading I Choose Life, This hour, This minute, This day
35. I love being present now that I’m alcohol-free
36. I love being reliable
37. I love being fun without walking around with my skirt tucked in my knickers or less likely to do so anyway
38. When I take out the alcohol “treat” I learn about sober treatsrelated reading Sober Treats – Rewiring your Reward Pathways When You Go Alcohol-Free

No more denying
No more lying
No more buying
More trying
Less crying?

Why I'm Loving Life Sober - A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Poem

39, Sober I always have Clear annunciation
40, I can get my point across in a conversation once rather than having the urge to repeat it 20 more times
41, I’m Loving life sober because I have a new respect for other people’s personal space which makes social distancing a whole lot easier this Dry January 2021 !
42, I’m here, I’m present, in a crisisrelated reading A Letter to My Daughter from Her Newly Sober Mum

Embrace your life
Its the only one you have
Look for the happy times
The reasons to smile
And to laugh
Why I'm Loving Life Sober - A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Poem

43, Sober I have more free time
44, I’m Feeling calm
45, Feeling empowered and capable
46, Feeling more like myself
47, I’m learning uncomfortable feelings sometimes are there for a reason

With sober you notice more of the little things
Which could really be the big things
With alcohol you could miss them completely
You could miss the point really
Why I'm Loving Life Sober - A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Poem

48, I’m loving life sober because I’m learning to sit with these feelings
49, Food tastes better without numbing my tounge with booze
50, I’m discovering tasty alcohol-free alternatives
51, I’m dancing like no one’s watching because if they are drinking they probably won’t care or remember the next day anyway
52, I’m loving life sober because I met an awesome online community when I got sober curious – you can find us here related reading Sober Badass School

Alcohol numbs the bad briefly
But it numbs the good too
Life is meant to be lived out loud
Not at lower volume

Tune in and feel – Sobrenity
Why I'm Loving Life Sober - A Dry January 2021 Inspiration Poem

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Be proud because you’re taking the first steps
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Nothing tastse better than sober

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