Are you Stuck? How to get Started on Succeeding at Sober

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Today is the beginning of the week… Stretch and Flex Those Sober Muscles

Today, choose THE day you are going to take it on and win through.

What can you do to help relax you?

Meditation, yoga, music, an Epsom salts bath?

Read- Visualization and Motivation

Listen to – Healing Through Letting Go

Urge Surfing Meditation

Calming and Opening Tara Brach

EAT! – Take your supper as a packed lunch if you work late– like a picnic (a big one ha ha) and eat it before setting off home?

Read – Alcohol Cravings and Hypoglycaemia

List throughout this week how much alcohol has cost you:

How much has alcohol cost you in time ? (worrying about it, drinking it. Being hungover, not doing stuff, being stroppy…)

How much has alcohol cost you in money ? (days off work, poor performance, headache tablets, pissed purchases, carbs and pizza, booze, therapy – when I went out drinking I would come home penniless because I’d loose it all …)

How much has alcohol cost you in the quality of your relationships (isolated drinking, not bothering with people, cancelling…)

How much has alcohol cost you emotionally (you drink because of a reason, stress – how did drink work to reduce stress?)

and so on.

List the benefits as well – What will you gain by going alcohol free ?

Add your thoughts to this question inside BOOM

What are the top five benefits of going Alcohol-Free

Prepare yourself mentally and accept that you will get cravings but they will only have a life of 2 hours (they tend to bugger off after 2 hours or so).

Once home settle in for a very no-house work chill out evening.

TRY: No shops this week after 2pm, food can be ordered on line, or bought in advance – the aim is to keep you as safe from temptation as is possible.

REWARD YOURSELF, flowers at the very least for getting through this.

EACH HURDLE BEATEN IS A BLEDDY MASSIVE SUCCES and you are stretching those AF muscle perfectly.

Take it easy – no frantic cleaning, cooking etc.. just keep things on an even keel. Because I saved so much money when I stopped drinking I got a cleaner for 2 hours a week.

BEWARE, you may well find yourself thinking ‘oh you have done so well, have a night off and you can drink – I give you permission to drink’ plan in exactly the same way to avoid this and you get a double success.  

Make it Non-negotiable today!

Decide to post in BOOM every day this week and include a question to get help from the community (e.g. what was it like for them, how did they feel, what did they do to make it do-able, what did they read or watch, think…). On your chosen day, before the wine hour, eat and log on – it would be good if you could have a committee to check in with before and after the dodgy time. You can tag people here by typing @ and their name-

And thoughts on that addict voice in your ear saying “just this once” from Annie Grace

This is a short video, only about 12 minutes, in which Annie discusses one her reader’s questions with Dr. Adi Jaffe.

That question is How long does it take to really “start feeling better after I stop drinking?”

Of course, the answer is, “it varies” In it, the doctor explains how Alcohol impacts our brains, why we feel unsettled and anxious after we stop, and why it takes a while after we stop drinking to get back to feeling like we did before we started drinking or abusing alcohol.  

I also noted that, when we stop drinking and we are going through that anxious period and we decide to give in, that rewiring of our brains gets reversed again and when we stop again, our brain rewiring has to start all over.    While we never lose our sober days or the things we learn, we do set back that healing of our brains.   The best analogy I can think of is when I was a child and would fall down and get a skinned knee.   My knee would start healing and after a few days be scabbed over and feeling better.  If I fell on that knee again, it would be skinned again and that healing would have to restart from the beginning. 

Anyway, this gives me more to think about next time I am tempted to “just this once”. 

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