A Poetic Homage to Kristi Coulter on Being Fine Without the Wine


.. think about cutting yourselves some slack. Have a cupcake if you want it. Buy two cupcakes and eat only the frosting parts of both of them, which is a thing I have heard some other people do. Go to a movie in the middle of the day. Sleep late. Binge-watch something. Smoke a bunch of cigarettes, if it’s going to make not drinking a little easier.

This is not about being lazy for the rest of your life, or gaining fifty pounds or getting fired or resigning yourself to lung cancer. This is about giving yourself some space to just be sober for a bit, until you’ve got some momentum

From Off – Dry by Kristi Coulter  Day 778: You Do Not Have to be Good


So I don’t have to be good !?
That’s great!
I mean I’m no saint
If I had to be good 
The perfect housewife and mum
My husband would probably faint (lol)

So are you saying 
I can keep playing 
Having fun 
Now that my sobriety’s begun?
This is challenging my preconceptions 
It’s a misconception 

Erm question?
So I don’t have to be sensible
and all grown up
Just because I don’t pick up
The booze 
I could still be how I choose?

I don’t think
I could actually live up
To a perfect version of me
Don’t put me on a pedestal 
I’ll fall!

I’m far from perfect you see 
I don’t go to the gym 
Or go for a swim
I’d rather pig out
Watch movies 
Comedies, thrillers or dramas that move me

You’re more than likely
to find me snuggling
on the sofa with a cup of tea
No triathlon for me
Not really!

I don’t drink now, not anymore 
But I still get fed up
In a bad mood for sure
I need to chill out
Let off steam 

But it’s no longer done
by pursuing the alcohol “dream ” 
You know the one that we’re constantly sold 
I mean, 
That just got old!

I do need a few new hobbies though 
Like yoga and art 
I’ll give them a go 
And I fancy the theatre or
A West End show

But for now, I think I’m doing great!
Doing fine 
Just by not drinking that wine!

Poetic Musings on Day 778: You Do Not Have to be Good
a post by Kristi Coulter on being fine without the wine.

This poem was composed by Floss The author of The Runaway Train  and Nailing the Narcissist

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