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I have recently become a huge fan of the artist Banksy. Images like the one at the beginning of this post reflect every indescribably de-humanizing aspect of consumerism with dis-arming humor. His work invokes an emotion, a depth of understanding, that make words a clumsy vehicle in comparison. And his anonymity, his use of public spaces for his work, his humor and his compassion, make him … us.

Who is Banksy? Banksy is me.


When my kids were little one of my favorite picture books to read to them was called I’m as Quick as a Cricket . The illustrations were beautiful and the message simple… I am everything… I am everything and everything is in nature and I reflect to it and it reflects to me and that is the beauty of being whole, being human….

I am quick as a cricket,

I’m a slow as a snail ,

I’m as hot as a fox,

I’m as big as a whale.

children's illustration "Slow as a snail", related to sobriety

As the host of the community behind this blog and a sobriety blogger myself, I could be accused of being the kind of person that Banksy describes in this famous quote

“There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.” 
― Banksy

But the point with Boozemusings and the BOOM community is not “making the world a better place” it’s about giving as many people as I can reach the opportunity to take back that natural world we may have had a brief opportunity to thrive in as children before we were sold a million possible avenues to numb.

I’ve been working on Boozemusings Community/ Boom Rethink the Drink promotion this week. Coming up with images with slogans, memes, and promoting carefully selected posts on Facebook to help bring attention to us. Social media and blogging. Internet graffiti. These slogans and memes are not for commercial promotion because we are a decidedly non-commercial community. But they are promotions none-the-less. I am selling a possibility. Selling an idea. Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for people to find us.

The more people who find us, the more voices we add to our community, the more diverse we are, the more vibrant we become, the more potential there is for each of us to grow in that way we as individuals want to grow and need to grow.

My ” slogans” this week have been about empowerment, choice, free thought.

Loving Myself

Those are important elements of this sober thing for me and I think that for the many many people out there who feel chained to the bottle, drowning in the dull, hopeless yuck of addiction—- I think that reaching for empowerment is important.

But the ” journey” …. ahhhhh the journey 🙂 It’s beautifully, succinctly and poetically described in this post Summer Solstice by Sober Don. I’m not just joining Don in being alcohol-free today. That’s a given for me now. I’m joining Don in the depth and beauty of the rediscovery of me 

Sad as a Basset Happy as a lark

Every single kaleidoscopic element of my soul 

 ( click here for full Sober Don s post)

 Nothing changes if nothing changes. ….. Hope lies in the fact that one gets another opportunity as the seasons of one’s discontent circle around for another pass. ….. Perhaps all I can do is stay steadfast in my commitment to that part of me so long ignored and pushed aside for the sake of immediate gratification. For within that commitment lies my hope for both myself and you. 

This is an article that we shared on our Facebook page last year. It’s was the most popular article in the Atlantic that day and worth a read  A Landmark Study on the Origins of Alcoholism

It’s an unusually short article for the Atlantic and makes a very important point about alcohol addiction….

Augier repeated the experiment with more rats of various breeds, and always got the same results. Consistently, 15 percent of them choose alcohol over sugar—the same number as the proportion of human drinkers who progress to alcoholism.

Embedded in the criteria for diagnosing alcoholism is that people continue to take drugs despite good knowledge of the fact that it will harm or kill them.”

The 15% is key for me. The 15% and the continued use of alcohol over sugar water even if an electric shock was included with the drink.

I’m working on an article right now on the Counter Culture of Marketing Sobriety… and I’m also working on my own project of marketing sobriety. I think that marketing sobriety is important and positive because so many people have been sucked into the bullshit marketing of the health benefits of moderate drinking. So many people who are not alcoholics or addicts are actually drinking habitually to dangerous levels because of these rampant alcohol is good for you campaigns. I think that the best way to counter-act the rampant marketing of addiction is to market sobriety as a positive counter-culture. 

Because the alcohol industry targets the 15% and I am a member of that 15%

They target those of us who are enviably high functioning but teetering on the brink. Those of us who have money to spend and will buy 5 bottles of whiskey or vodka or a case of wine every week. We are the bread and butter of the alcohol industry. We are the ones who will die for a drink –

So in addition to Don’s wonderful post I wanted to share something soft and gentle with you from the FIX. This post is lovely, Withdrawal. It’s written by a contributor to the FIX who has worked the traditional 12 steps like Sober Don. Although that’s not the path I took I have learned so much from people who have.

Withdrawl is about healing. It is difficult. It is a roller coaster of emotions. But it is a roller coaster of emotions that will take you in a positive direction to get back to becoming you. Being, living, growing, learning, feeling, fully you.

Because stuff like this 
Nine charts that show how white women are drinking themselves to death   
that is partly caused by stuff like this 
For women, heavy drinking has been normalized. That’s dangerous.

Makes me LOUD AS A LION !

LOUD AS A LION drawing, in the context of sobriety

FIGHT BACK ! But….. Go slow and build yourself a bubble…. breath … listen to your heart …. care for your soul.   To be gentle with yourself so that you can beat the beast .

Gentle as a Lamb Brave as a Tiger

Think for Yourself- Break the Status Quo- Sobriety: You do not Have to Drink.

“One Original Thought is worth 1000 Meaningless Quotes.” 
― Banksy

If you’re drinking too much too often and want to stop or slow down, come talk to us.

Alcohol is the only drug that people question you for NOT using but you don’t HAVE to drink. Don’t stay trapped because the stigma of not drinking seems worse than the cost of drinking too much.

ReThink the Drink You can read more about us Here

And join  Here

Come Join us for Arid August

We’ll be your Cornermen

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