Mommy’s Wine Time

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Why did I stop drinking ? I wasn’t a black out binge drinker and I didn’t come close to hitting any kind of rock bottom. I just decided it was time to take a break from the booze. As a mother and as a woman my wine time wasn’t serving me well anymore.

My mum was congratulating me on not drinking recently. I told her I’m not going to lie, I’d really like a cold glass of wine now sitting here chatting on a Friday night with her, especially as I used to do that. But I don’t like what that glass of wine actually is. Not that she was offering me one btw.

I then listed the following reasons why I wouldn’t want a drink:

1. It’s a poison
2. It’s like drinking dog urine in orange juice
3. It’s a Level 1 carcinogen
4. It causes crap sleep
5. It causes anxiety
6. It’s a depressant
7. It alters perception
8. It affects memory
9. The misery of having to moderate as it’s addictive so I’d want more and more over time
10. I recited my wine witch poem… ( see end of post)
11. The book I’m reading “The unexpected joy of being sober” that is mind blowing showing the author’s failed attempts to moderate and her experiences in the grip of her alcohol addiction
12. I’ve looked over the edge into what could happen re: slippery wine slope and I don’t like the view!

Today is day 48 alcohol-free for me and I have a message for the wine witch

The Wine Witch Brought Down to Size

Wine witch you evil bitch I know we had some fun,

But I’m moving on without you now,

In short we are done!

You try to make me think I need you, in order to be strong

But I’m slowly coming to realise you could not be more wrong!

You want me to drink my troubles away in order to forget,

But I’m getting the measure of you now and instead I choose to connect

To talk with like minded people,

like other mum’s who struggle

To help me see the reality of wine time

Instead of through a hazy muddle

It isn’t as glamorous as I think,

my children would agree

It doesn’t make for great childhood memories
to see mummy out of her tree!

Children notice more

than people realise

and they’re drinking it all in

with their big innocent eyes

For their sakes the wine witch really shouldn’t be a part

Or one day she could wind up breaking their hearts 💔

Heart Tree

I asked my 8 year old if he noticed a difference between if I’d had a drink and if I hadn’t.

He said yes and he preferred me not having wine as I am “happier, more polite, and do deep breathing” but after a drink I’m “stressed, tired and shouty”.

Wow, worth it being AF ❤

My son said that he is disappointed when I drink as then I’m “in a really bad mood and not able to have any fun with me as you’re all tired”.

He said he’s happy when I don’t have wine as “then you can enjoy having fun with me”.

I said well I haven’t had any for nearly 48 days and he replied “Wow mum I’m proud”.

I guess kids know eh ?

wine glasses

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