If you remove a post from your feed it means that you will no longer see that post or receive notifications for it but you will still see all other posts from that person. It is a great tool to use if there are too many posts on the feed that day, you have read some, and are finding it hard to scroll to the end. It is also a tool that you can use if a post makes you uncomfortable for some reason but is a post that is allowed within our regulations . Hiding a post does not block the member it just allows you to be done with that post if you wish and move on.  

This is how you do it on the web version of Boom  

Go to the three dot menu in the right corner of the post 

select – more 

Select hide from Activity Feed 


So you’ll no longer see the post but you have not blocked the poster 

These are our regulations – 

Group Regulations 

To find them easily at any moment go to the discovery section in BOOM ( it’s on the menu)


go tothe Welcome section there 

Open the first post that says

Welcome to BOOM

As we update those regulations to include the new bells and whistles you’ll always be able to find them there 

These are screenshots from my computer- this looks a bit different on the app but the option is also there-

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