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  • An Alcohol-Free Holiday Season?

    An Alcohol-Free Holiday Season?

    The holidays are here. I guess they began with Halloween. Or was it Labor Day, or July Fourth, or last weekend, or was it thirsty Thursday? You know the drill. What’s your excuse for drinking? Just pick one…they are everywhere. They’re free, but (full disclosure), they do come with strings attached. And everyone will be…

  • Is Sobriety Boring?

    Is Sobriety Boring?

    “After four years of commitment to living alcohol-free, I have learned so much about myself. Is sobriety boring? NO! The opportunity to get to know me better is the gift of a lifetime. I have asked myself many questions over these four years, and here I have compiled the four that might be useful to someone else…

  • What if You Only Get One Chance?

    What if You Only Get One Chance?

    Think about what you want to see for yourself that would only be possible without alcohol.  For example:  Healing from health problems caused by drinking; what types of relationships will be possible; who you want to be in relationships with others; where you’d like to travel; how much money will you save each day you don’t drink,…

  • How Do You Stop Drinking?

    How Do You Stop Drinking?

    This is what the later stages of alcoholism looks like: A resignation to the power that booze has over you, a sadness that it holds itself so tightly in your grip you have let it take the wheel. The ruin of relationships, health and the light that was once in your eyes. All stolen by…

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