divorce papers, in the context of drinking

Crown Royal and I are not only separated I filed for divorce.

I don’t want him back in my life ever.

I remember when he first wooed me.

I had already been seeing Capt. Morgan for some time after drifting apart from that Russian Smirnoff.

I was never alone.

I always had one in my cabinet.

Then along came Crown…

He promised to treat me kinder …

help me maintain better…

get me drunk slower…

And by the way pay no attention to the man behind the curtain that is charging nearly $30 a bottle!

I would be buying three and four of a week…

I was addicted to it.

Of course, that was the goal in the first place of Crown. The more that you love it the more you will buy it making Crown much richer. It has no favorites but like any smooth talking individual it can make you feel like you ARE special to it and all the situations you encounter when it’s just ‘you two‘.

Well, no more. It can join all the others I’ve left on the store shelf where someone as needy as I was (past tense) will see it one day and be locked in the same struggle. Lord help them.

And today is the 18th day of my freedom.

It gets lonely sometimes in the early evenings, and I’d kind of like to be wooed again. To be made to feel beautiful, sexy, smart, funny and uninhibited but then I remember that lasted all of about 20 minutes.

Then I was a lump on the couch for 2 hours eating a supper I wouldn’t remember making the next morning and watching a movie equally un-memorable.

Then came the 3 a.m. wake up call of a headache that felt like someone had taken a bat to the back of my head.

And on the worse days I’d get to work and could not bend over to pick something up because I had no balance.

Too much ”wooing” the night before and it was still in my system.

And that is all it takes.

That memory.

To remember why we are getting a divorce.

I never want to take back that cheater who stole my mind, my body, my health, my life.

And that’s all I have to say for now.

Blessings and good luck today, y’all!

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