Top ten things you can do again now that you’re Alcohol Free

Here’s a list of top ten wonderful things you can do again, now that you’re Alcohol Free

10. Text your mother.

9. Start discussions with members of the law enforcement community.

8. Internet shopping.

7. Take selfies and post them to Facebook.

6. Go to pick up carry out pizza on your bicycle.

5. Know whether you’re really sick or just hung over.

4. Walk more than ten feet in spike heels.

3. Tell the bouncer what you REALLY think of him.

2. Fire up the grill.

1. Call your local classical station to request “Gangman Style”. (Well, you probably shouldn’t do this regardless.)

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It’s in you !

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This top ten list came from a man who I’ll call Ted. My friend Ted is a husband, father, grandfather and hard working professional who is fighting off the” little voice” in his head that loves whiskey. Ted often simply posts top ten lists, that always hit the nail on the head. Sometimes these lists are serious and informative and sometimes very funny, but I know that I would not have gotten through my first alcohol free year with style and a smile if it weren’t for Ted.

When Ted and I parted ways he said that I could publish his posts far and wide on behalf of the Boozemusings Community .

And so I will.

Thank you Ted !

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