Rethink the Drink

You have to build the non drinking life and allow drinking to become more and more irrelevant as each day passes. Embrace this way of living and love it. I can honestly say that I have not given drinking much air time in the last 6 weeks. If I have its to reflect upon the ridiculousness of peoples views of drinking and their lives. When you can’t see the point of a holiday without getting smashed you need to have a word with yourself. (I have been there and did!)

This is the same point with Moderation. Whilst moderation and Dry January give your liver a break for as long as you can hold out they don’t give you a glimpse of what a non drinking life is like. They don’t show you how good the world can be without needing to get plastered. What they do is create a framework built upon denying yourself and rules that become increasingly hard to meet, until eventually, emotionally exhausted, you relax into your favourite tipple.

Ask yourself the question. Are you a drinker who is not drinking or someone who doesn’t drink? If its the former this is hard work. from Non Drinking versus Drinking Lives

If you’re Drinking too much too often Rethink the Drink.

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