2 years sober and what I know

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Two Years Sober !

It has been interesting and at times very challenging. My sobriety led to the end of my relationship with an abusive partner. It led to moving back to my home town, finding a job, then moving again and holding down a fulltime job that required a lot of traveling. All really stressful stuff when you’re learning how to cope and live without drowning out the noise with booze. However, I have persisted, my life is gradually beginning to evolve and how I perceive that life is beginning to feel ok.

We live in a time and place where many of us are constantly facing difficult decisions and a raft of otherworldly bullshit. While for most of us these are not life and death situations, we still have a pretty rough time navigating them. We’re all Warriors in here in these sobriety communities. I know that we are all trying our damn best and some days do seem absolutely impossible. I realise that this is pointing out the obvious, but I’m here to share just a little bit of what I have discovered about sobriety and living two years on.

Being sober hightens how we observe our outer world as well as the inner voice and conflict we all experience. It may seem way harder at first because for many of us we’ve never experienced this as adults. I’m still learning how to do that and some days are hard. Some days I come home from work crying and exhausted and fall onto my yoga mat, just knowing that everything will be ok.

Yoga has been one of my solid sobriety tools. Even if you cannot get down onto a yoga mat, you can do some yoga sitting in a chair or lying on your bed. It’s not just about the physical movement, it’s about what is going on upstairs (your mind) and how you breathe. I also have begun to accept that it is ok to feel tired, frustrated, angry, disappointed and any other negative emotion you can name. Yoga helps me to stop and see that these emotions are not me, they are just feelings to my observations of what’s going on around me. And, looking at why we react in these ways. A lot of mine comes from feeling as though I’m not being heard and this links into my ability to speak out and ask for what I truly need. It’s an ongoing field of work for me. It isn’t going to change and be all better just because I’m aware of it. One day at a time I remind myself.

Anyway, this is a little snippet of what I have experienced since living sober.

I started writing a few things down about being sober this morning. It went like this.

When I’m sober:

  • I smile often.
  • I can drive a vehicle whenever I need to.
  • My life takes on an entirely new dimension.
  • I sleep better.
  • I can recall what I said to somebody last night.
  • I notice things about myself more easily and can understand why I might be feeling a certain way.
  • I can develop new friendships easily.
  • I notice and pick-up on how others are feeling.
  • I enjoy waking up.

Try it! I’m sure you all have plenty to add to my little list.

Stay well Warriors. No matter where you are on your path, if you have made a choice to stop drinking, it is a huge step.

If alcohol made you happy

if it cured boredom

if it solved your relationship issues

If it gave more then it takes

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