BOOM ! Rethink the Drink

Ok so sometimes life is shit
There’s no denying it
But by being sober 
We learn to live in the chaos 
And make sense of it

We find we are stronger 
We can help others for longer 
Instead of just focusing on ourself 
Leaving their needs on the shelf

We can bolster the self worth of others 
We can be better friends, lovers, fathers, mothers

We can learn to rely
on our hard earned resilience 
That is to be honest
a source of brilliance 

Through our sober skills we’ll 
Learn to cope 
Not sit around and mope 
Grabbing the best in life that’s available 
Feeling free, fulfilled and able 

Emotions are transient like clouds in the sky 
They don’t last forever, they float on by
Irritation, anger, loneliness
They stem from thoughts, they aren’t us

We don’t need to hang onto those feelings 
We can accept and let them go as a way of healing 
We have hundreds of emotions during each day
Don’t let one of those make you lose your way.
Between thoughts and triggers we can recognize the link
And choose to Rethink The Drink!

This post was composed by Floss

The author of

Debunking the Romance of Mommy’s Wine Time and The Runaway Train and parts of this Why I Don’t Drink

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