From my Struggling Son to His Struggling Mum

For my struggling son

Debunking the Glamour of Mummy’s Wine Time One Voice at a Time

breeds positivity
What you can see
I’ll learn to view
As optimistically as you.

I’ll learn it from you.

To be really positive
about things going on,
Will lead to me being
a happier son.

I pick up on
your mood,
it affects me
I’m not being rude.

I don’t choose my emotions,
I don’t try to cause a commotion.
I just want you to spend time with me.
Play with me and teach me.

Don’t you see?
I want you to be the one,
I turn to
when I want to run away.

To know that if I tell you
my problems today,
I won’t need to wallow.
Your help will always follow.

I want to be there
to give you a loving kiss,
As a man all grown up.
No longer a vulnerable young pup.

But I need you to help me
with growing up,
And you’ll see
The man I can be.

So I need you
to be gentle and kind,
instead of dangling carrots
use kid gloves.

Help me to always know
how much I am loved.
My confidence will then soar.
When I need to I’ll find my voice
and roar.

I’ll not be unsure
and want to hide away.
With your love and presence
I will know
Because from you it will show.

There is alot of fun and laughter
to be had along the way.
Please try to look after me Alcohol-Free
So you are better able
to reach me and teach me.

As your little son,
I need you to carry on.
Keep fighting your demons.
You’ re worth it, you’re mine,
We’ll be ok,
we’ll be fine

And I’ll be so proud of  you mum x

This poem was composed by Floss

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