Autism, Alcohol and Me

What an interesting combination 
In my family 
That’s why you see
The idea of moderation 
Just won’t help my situation 

Where perception is affected 
I think alcohol is best rejected 
When my children see a distorted view 
I find it’s true 
That mine must be crystal clear 
To see what’s really happening 
And to properly be able to hear

Autism is a complex condition I’ve learned 
Trying to understand it
Is like reading a book,
in a different language 
Autism is a different ability though not a curse 
Trying to understand it with wine 
Would be like reading the book,
in a different language and in reverse!

For me, I need to teach 
Emotional regulation 
But I can’t do that if I can’t manage the situation 
And under the influence of alcohol 
Important lessons could feel like a chore
And a bore

Nah, not going to make my children
wait for a suitable time 
When I’m not hungover
from too much wine

They will learn from me how their emotions and actions
They fit together like a jigsaw 
Alcohol free I can teach them so much more 
And hopefully we can weather any storms 

from the author of

Autism Myth #10

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Autism Myth #5

This poem was composed by Floss

The author of

Debunking the Romance of Mommy’s Wine Time  – 
The Runaway Train and 
Nailing the Narcissist

Pour love over Wounds not alcohol It'll be Fine

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