Sober September Top Ten

Sober September

10. It’s one of the best ways to loose weight in the world.

9. Not drinking at a restaurant is like having a 50% off coupon..

8.We are more attractive than we would be staggering to the bathroom or falling off our barstool.

7.We can actually be popular and charming in social situations, just by asking people about their lives and laughing at their jokes.

6.Nobody knows that there isn’t any rum in our cola, bourbon in our ginger ale, or gin in our seltzer water.

5.We can use our New Year’s resolution for something more important.

4.It’s not being old enough to drink that makes us grown up; it’s being old enough to drink responsibly or not at all.

3. We can spot the people who are really worth knowing.

2. We can wake up the next day not broke.

1.Because after 30 days Alcohol Free you will look and feel great!

Are you Ready for a Fresh Perspective ?

Join us for Sober September

For years, I’ve been reading that moderate daily drinking is heart healthy, lowers your chance of eventually developing dementia, and can help you lose weight. Now they’re saying that no amount of alcohol is good for you, and even small amounts are actually detrimental to your health. The recent studies can of course be brought into question and the debate will go on and on.

Regardless of whether studies say alcohol is the problem, or the solution, the question to ask yourself is how does drinking make you feel? We drink for pleasure but sometimes the effect causes more pain than it’s worth.

Are you ready for a break and if you are, have you ever tried to cut out the booze 100% ? Was it a daunting task?

What if taking a break from the booze could be fun? What if you could join a community full of people working toward the same goal and get lots of support, and ideas? What if you could check in every day in an anonymous, creative, friendly environment, and talk a bit about how you were feeling, about the challenges you faced that day, and about how to add that check to your box for one more alcohol free day?

Have you ever thought of taking a month off alcohol?

Come try it for a month with us. Set a Goal of 30 days and we’ll help you stick to it. We’ll help you reach your goal while you help us stick to ours.

Join us for a fresh, bright, change of perspective to celebrate the change of season. Sober September. Decide to take a break from the booze, commit to 30 days, and see where it takes you.

We are a private group, tucked away from the busy, commercial noise of social media. Joining and participating is completely free of charge. We are about community, about telling our stories and sharing ideas. Read more from our members here Who Are We.

Alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using.

If you’re “sober curious” … open your mind to the possibility of Loving Life Alcohol-free

If you are drinking too much too often and want to take a break…

Join us for Sober September

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The “Top Ten Reasons Post” was shared to the Boozemusings Community by @Ira from HSM. Thank you Ira for helping me smile through my first sober year. A little bit of humor is always a great idea !

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Sober September

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