Break the Spell

Nightmare Forest

When nightfall comes and Witches Call,
And thoughts are filled with dread.
You try to sleep Oh please! calm sleep,
But nightmares come instead.

With heart and mind you try to hope,
Some solace may be found.
But heart and mind are locked in dark,
A poison keeps them bound.

This poison seeps and steals repose,
Corrupts all thought and feeling.
Each day seems lost in misery,
Thru pain and poison’s stealing.

On every sad and pale new morn,
You make your pledge anew.
I can, I will, I know I will,
Will see this journey thru.

But troubled minds take time to heal,
With poison, there’s no gainsaying.
The voices fade but still resound,
To some, as trumpets braying.

The call it seems goes on and on,
With your ever fear of falling.
But help unbound is found in friends,
Who always hear you calling.

Yet in the end ‘tis you must step,
Across that threshold near.
And take your life into your hands.
That hard-fought step so dear.

Now at last in day’s sweet light
A world of hope and sleep.
The poison gone and when night falls,
From Witches – not a peep.

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