Poison’s Gate

Please gather round my dearest friends
And to this tale your ears doth lend.
My tale thus speaks, of highs and lows
And seems the same where life goes.

There was a time when days were long
All full of youth of wine of song.
But time and tides are no-ones slaves
They soon destroy such joyful days.

A friend we found to aid our pain
To waft away our stress and strain.
His promise spoke of carefree days
But not of whom the piper pays.

Oft down the road we gladly flew
Increased each day our mortal due.
Our days well filled with fleeting gain
We never thought of ‘morrows pain.

Self-doubt became our offtimes themes
And Nightmares fed our darkest dreams.
A poison filled our heart and head
It bound our souls in chains of dread.

But Salvation comes through grief and pain
And lights the way to freedoms Gain.
Companions on like journeys found
Hands of friendship, love unbound.

So gather strength ‘tis not too late
To snap the lock on poisons gate.
And with clear minds, we all can find
The love we lost from heart and mind.

So gather round my Life’s close friends
And with these words to all doth send.
The hopes and love of all most dear
The light of friendship far and near.

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