Trying now is better than crying later

Hands and butterfly

Let’s think about that fact
It really is about what we do
Not what we say we’ll do
It’s about how we actually act

So we can post on here 
Our trials, victories and our tears
There’s always a friendly voice 
And a helpful point of view 
But the real work is up to you

No matter how much we need,
read, and do our best to heed advice 
The only way to kick the vice
That alcohol presents
Is to just not to drink it
For a long time 
Perhaps ever again 
Whatever you decide 
Is right for you my friend 

Isn’t it all about having less regrets
and less stress?
Aren’t we worth this?
We are and that’s a fact!

The trouble is
If we just pay lip service 
The regrets and the stress
would probably increase 
Rather than stay the same 
As would the pain, the fear
and the shame
There’d be hardly any peace 
Or genuine release

So for me
I’m going to say I’m worth this 
And choose not to just pay lip service
I’d rather continue to fight
and keep trying 
Than give in 
And end up crying

This poem was composed by Floss The author of The Runaway Train  and Nailing the Narcissist

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